Term 4, Week 8

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

We are nearing the end of the year, this is the penultimate addition of our newsletter, please see below for some important information as we enter the final week.

We had a wonderful Christmas Chapel service today, thanks to all of you who attended. A special thanks to Mr Kelly for putting all of the details together, coordinating the carols and everything else associated with the chapel, it was truly a special morning.

Next Friday, 9.00-10.30am, is our annual Presentation and Graduation Ceremony, our final Chapel of the year. I encourage you to attend if you are able. A few things in the lead up to this important occasion.

  • Parents of Class/Sport/Special Award winners will be notified today.
  • Parents of children receiving Silver/Gold awards will be notified next week. These will also be handed out next Friday. 
  • I know this is difficult, but as this is a formal ceremony, I ask that no toddlers or young children are running around. They need to stay with you throughout the service. Normally we love seeing our kids running around. We just ask for this once a year service, this is adhered to. 
  • If you are attending, please stay for the whole service, not only for your child getting an award. It is not fair for our Year 6 students to look out and see empty chairs, they deserve to have the whole community cheering them on and supporting them on their final day of school.
  • The carpark will undoubtedly be very full, so please arrive as early as possible. The gates will also be open on Ashcroft St, so you are free to park on the other side of the school. 
  • There will be additional seating available, so please feel free to invite other family members. 
  • The Year 6 walk out will take place at 2.55 pm for our year 6’s. You are welcome to attend.
  • Students can be signed out at the office after the presentation morning or can return back to class.

More end of year information

  • Final Reports will be in your inbox on Friday afternoon. For some reason, these sometimes end up in junk or spam, please check these before contacting the school.
  • If you have time, please complete our annual end of year parent satisfaction survey: There is a space under each question to leave comments. We really value your input in the lead up to 2024.
  • Congratulations to Year 6 for their outstanding behavior yesterday on their end of year Funday at Jamberoo, it was a pleasure to attend with them.

I look very much forward to catching up with you at the presentation day next week. 

My door is always open.

Joe Britton

Lunch Order!

Our last Term 4 Lunch Order! Thank you again to Georgette and her team for providing this service to our school community.

Please see below the menu and associated links for you to order lunches.

6 December : Chicken Tenders and Chips with or without a drink (Click Here)

A reminder our orders close on Tuesdays at 11am.

If you have any questions, please email or speak with Mrs Jordaan (pa@hpcs.nsw.edu.au).

A Big Thank You!

We would like to sat thank you to all the staff and parents who supported and encouraged our students this week. We had great fun on Wednesday with the Year 6 Fun Day, yesterday at Jamberoo with our year 6’s and today with our Christmas Chapel. We are very grateful and blessed to have so many children with great talents.

Parent Satisfaction Survey!

We pride ourselves in knowing that we aim to meet all our students needs. We would like all parents to complete the survey in order for us to know what we can add to create an even better environment for our students.

Please use the following link to complete our parent satisfaction survey: Click Here

Save the Dates: Upcoming Dates

7 December: Year 6 Graduation Dinner
8 December: Year 6 Presentation and Graduation Chapel
8 December: Term 4 Ends