Our school follows the NSW curriculum and is compliant with all NESA requirements whilst ensuring that all education is being taught from a Christian worldview.

In English, students are required to analyse, synthesise and evaluate information. Our aim is to foster remarkable creativity and encourage persuasive discourse in both written and spoken contexts. Through a love of reading, students will learn from critically acclaimed authors and the techniques they utilise. The English Curriculum shows our students just how integral their literary skills are both now and for their future.

Mathematical reasoning and fluency are integral elements for students to master. Having a strong grasp of these increases the problem solving and resilience when completing abstract tasks. Our God is not chaotic and random, and patterns are observable throughout the world He has created. The completeness inherent within mathematical scenarios only further solidifies the miracles of creation and the beauty of our surroundings. By learning Mathematics, our students foster logical reasoning, while simultaneously implementing creative solutions.

In Science and Technology, our students get to explore the world of our creator. They study aspects of the living, material and physical world and investigate the theories and laws contained within. Science harmoniously exists with faith, and students are given opportunities and the means to translate complex knowledge through the lens of Christianity.

Through the studies of Geography and History, students are given the opportunity to acquire knowledge both in Australia and abroad. Students engage in historical studies with compassion and clarity, exploring how humanity has both succeeded and fallen short. From a geological standpoint, students study the diverse environments that form our world and look for opportunities to ensure strong stewardship for the upcoming generations. With these spheres of knowledge, students are able to contribute to managing the world of our creator.

The study of PDHPE promotes a holistic approach to life; it encapsulates the health and safety of others, while also encouraging sport-specific movements and skills. Students are given the opportunity to problem solve, as well as empathetically engage with the viewpoints of others. In conjunction with these interpersonal skills, students explore the impacts of healthy living in a theoretical and practical sense. There are also varieties of sporting contexts whereby students use teamwork and skill to participate in games through to a wide range of competitions.

At HopePoint, ICT is used to prepare students for the ever changing world they are moving into. In tasks, they experiment with various programs and platforms to engage with and present their learning. These skills are taught throughout a student’s time at the school, and foster a view of technology as a tool to solve problems. While not an explicit strand of learning in its own right, ICT is embedded in every Key Learning Area and is inseparable from the everyday experiences of students and staff. As a result, it is also a wonderful opportunity to instruct our learners on the best ways to interact and respect individuals electronically.

Our needs as a school community have adapted over the past few years, and EAL/D support emphasis has been an integral component of that. Our school wide support is achieved through small groups, ensuring students have the vocabulary to engage with peers and staff, before transitioning into an academic focus. Speaking and Listening skills are fundamental in helping our students feel like they belong. On a class level, the needs of students are identified in conjunction with the teacher and parents, and appropriate support plans are put in place to provide a foundational springboard for learning.

HopePoint Christian School
HopePoint Christian School
HopePoint Christian School


At HPCS we believe that education is about more than just academic achievement. We’re committed to helping our students thrive not just intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually. Our comprehensive wellbeing program is designed to provide students with the support they need to grow and develop in all areas of their lives.

We believe that every student should feel safe and supported at school, and we work hard to prevent bullying from taking place. We have policies in place to address bullying behavior. We also provide training to students and staff to help them recognise and respond to bullying. Our school is incredibly blessed and has extremely low rates of bullying.

We also run a peer support program in Term 3. This program is designed to help students develop positive relationships with their peers and feel more connected to the school community. Peer support leaders are trained to provide emotional support and practical advice to their peers, and to help connect students with additional support when needed.

We have a trained school counselor who provides emotional support, guidance, and resources to students who may be struggling with a variety of issues. This could include anything from anxiety and stress to family problems. Our school counselor is an integral part of our support team, and their presence ensures that our students have a safe and confidential space to work through any challenges they may be facing. 

Finally, we see Christian formation as the key aspect to positive wellbeing. We have weekly chapel services and morning devotion time. This time provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their faith and connect with God before starting their day. It’s a chance to set a positive tone and to remind students of the values and principles that guide our school community.


At HPCS we believe that education goes beyond the classroom. That’s why we offer a dynamic co-curricular program that complements our academic curriculum, providing students with opportunities to explore their interests, develop their talents, and build lifelong friendships. 

One of the highlights of our co-curricular program is our biannual school musical. Students of all ages come together to perform in a professionally produced musical, showcasing their talents in singing, acting, and dancing. The musical is a beloved tradition at HPCS and it’s an opportunity for students to work collaboratively, build confidence, and develop their creativity. These musicals are well supported by our community and often have over 1000 people in attendance. 

In addition to our musical, we offer a range of clubs on Thursdays, allowing students to explore their passions and interests. Whether they’re interested in robotics, chess, Spanish, gardening, sewing or choir; there’s a club for every student at HPCS. Our clubs are led by experienced teachers and mentors who are passionate about their subjects, providing students with a fun and enriching experience.

Finally, our co-curricular program includes a range of sports that cater to all levels of ability. We have three exciting carnivals each year, including swimming, athletics and Cross Country. Students participate in inter school sports every Wednesday. Our students also have the opportunity to trial to represent the school in a variety of sports, including basketball, netball, soccer and oztag. We encourage our students to develop a healthy, active lifestyle and provide them with the resources they need to pursue their athletic goals.

A well-rounded education is essential for our students’ success. Our co-curricular program provides our students with the opportunities and experiences they need to develop their skills, interests, and character.