2024 Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees: Local

Kindergarten – Year 3

$990 per term / $3,640 annual

Years 4 – 6*

$1055 per term / $3,900 annual

*Includes a Materials and Equipment Fee of $65 per annum except for families with four or more children concurrently enrolled at the school. The fourth student will only be charged for this fee.

*Includes a Camp Fee of $65 per term.

Family Rebate

First Child

Fees: Full fee

Second Child

Fees: 25% rebate per child

Third Child

Fees: 40% rebate per child

Three or More Children

Fees: 100% rebate for additional children

Materials and Equipment Fee: 1 for additional children

Other Rebates

HopePoint Preschool Rebate

If your child has attended HopePoint Preschool prior to being enrolled at our school, you automatically are entitled to a 20% rebate in your child’s Kindergarten year (NB: this rebate doesn’t apply if the family rebate is applicable).