Term 2 , Week 6

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

A big thank you to all the Year 6 students for making last Thursday and Friday at camp an incredible experience! It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the adventure as we explored the many iconic landmarks of Canberra such as Parliament House, Questacon, Australian Institute of Sport and many others. Despite all of these sights, it is still the lunches that seem to provide the highlight, the McDonalds on Thursday and the Chinese Buffet on Friday, seemed to be the two experiences that our students enjoyed the most. Each moment was filled with learning and laughter and it was lovely to be part of such a rich shared learning experience. 

My thanks to Mrs Auckett and Miss Testa for attending. 


If you were at Chapel this morning you would have seen a few changes that we have made to our services. The executive team have all been feeling like it needed a little bit of a refresh. Not that there was anything wrong with the way we have done it. We have just found that our Chapels have become somewhat performative and may not be effectively meeting the spiritual needs of our students. The focus now is less on a performative component in the service. One class each week will still lead the school song and do an item, but they no longer have to see the entire chapel as a performance for them and their teacher. 

The other thing that I wasn’t happy about was the dualistic nature between that of spiritual and non spiritual, it seemed to be blended together and our kids didn’t seem to recognise what a moment of spiritual engagement was and what was a general assembly moment. Now on Friday mornings, there is a far greater delineation between assembly and Chapel, I think this will cause less confusion for our students and ensure that they further grasp some key spiritual concepts.

If you need help at the moment:

I know many of you may be experiencing difficulties financially at the moment due to cost of living pressures. There are a few ways our school community has been very blessed and could assist. Firstly, one of our parents has offered to collect and distribute reasonably new general wearing clothing, if you do need help particularly with clothes, you can email the school (school@hpcs.nsw.edu.au). This will be done confidentially and we can assist. Also if you are able to donate any newer clothes to be distributed to families in need you can text one of our parents Lydia on: 0450566025 and she is coordinating donations. My thanks to her for this initiative.

We also have a long standing relationship with Padstow Community Care and I was reminded this week, that if you do need assistance you can call the care centre and say you are part of our community and they can help: 9772 2299

My door is always open,

Joe Britton 

Lunch Orders

Our Term 2 Lunch Orders are open! Thank you again to Georgette and her team for providing this service to our school community.

Lunch orders will take place every Friday for Term 2, starting Friday the 10th of May 2024.

If you would like to volunteer and help out with the lunch order preparations, please be so kind as to email Mrs. Jordaan.

Please see below the menu and associated link for you to order the lunch orders for the term.

14 June: Chicken Pasta Salad, with Peas, Corn, Carrots and Mayo with or without a drink (Click here)

21 June: Chicken burger with lettuce and mayo, with or without a drink (Click here)

28 June: Rice with meat and chicken with or without a drink (Click here)

5 July: Sausage Sizzle with or without a drink (Click here)

A reminder our orders close on Thursdays at 11am.

If you have any questions, please email or speak with Mrs. Jordaan (pa@hpcs.nsw.edu.au).

Volunteers Needed for Musical Props.

Our musical rehearsals are underway and we would love your help! We are looking for some parent helpers who would be interested in preparing props (cutting/painting/building/paper machè-ing) and/or sewing costumes. If you are skilled in this area, and willing to volunteer some time, please contact mrsbritton@hpcs.nsw.edu.au so that we can get you involved in this process.

Winter Tracksuits have arrived.

Our tracksuit pants have arrived. We now have the full sports tracksuits available at the uniform shop. If you would like to purchase any, please make an appointment for the uniform shop by emailing uniforms@hpcs.nsw.edu.au .

Barista Vacancy

HopePoint Church has a barista vacancy for Monday and Tuesday mornings from 8 to 11 am. Additional casual days can be discussed. For any further information and pay rate please contact Sarah Watling at sarah@hopepointchurch.org.au .

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Merit Awards this week:

Kindergarten – S
Joshua F. for a fantastic improvement in spelling!
Alana C. for showing kindness and encouraging her peers!
Sean F. for showing consistent effort in all learning tasks!

Kindergarten – G
Annabella J. for her outstanding effort in Maths.  
Joshua H. for doing his best to write his own sentences. 
Tevita M. for excellent work in Writing.

Year 2
Emma. W for insightful contributions and questions in our History lessons about past and present.
Helena T. for her ability to read both digital and analogue clocks.
Moa F. for her caring nature and willingness to help others.

Year 3
Mia I. for her positive approach to learning tasks.
Isaac P. for taking on teacher feedback positively to improve work.
Emanuelle P. for her focus and dedication to her work in reading groups.

Year 4
Boaz K. for his consistent outstanding application.
Theoni Y. for her creativity when expressing her ideas.
Hudson S. for his ability to make connections in English & History.
Aurora F. for her good sportsmanship in Sport.

Year 5
Gustavo O. for an outstanding effort playing basketball during sport
Mason M. for producing an impressive persuasive writing task during writing
Tahlia M. for an excellent effort in Reading

Year 6
Hannah K. for consistently applying herself to class tasks. 
Enzo B. for his thoughtful contributions to class discussions. 

Pen Licences:
Lilia A.

Save the Dates: Upcoming Dates

10 June: King’s Birthday
14 June: Year 2 Chapel
17 June: Boys Soccer Gala Day
17 June: Girls Netball Gala Day
20 June: Known Waste Program
21 June: Year 1 Chapel
24 June: Musical Rehearsals
27 June: 100 Days of Kindergarten
27 June: Stage 1 excursion @ Australian Museum
28 June: KS Chapel
01 July: Musical Rehearsals
02 July: Parent /Teacher Interviews
03 July: Parent /Teacher Interviews
05 July: KG Chapel
05 July: End of Term 2