Term 2 , Week 5

Lunch Orders

Our Term 2 Lunch Orders are open! Thank you again to Georgette and her team for providing this service to our school community.

Lunch orders will take place every Friday for Term 2, starting Friday the 10th of May 2024.

If you would like to volunteer and help out with the lunch order preparations, please be so kind as to email Mrs. Jordaan.

Please see below the menu and associated link for you to order the lunch orders for the term.

7 June: Cheeseburger with or without a drink (Click here)

14 June: Chicken Pasta Salad, with Peas, Corn, Carrots and Mayo with or without a drink (Click here)

21 June: Chicken burger with lettuce and mayo, with or without a drink (Click here)

28 June: Rice with meat and chicken with or without a drink (Click here)

5 July: Sausage Sizzle with or without a drink (Click here)

A reminder our orders close on Thursdays at 11am.

If you have any questions, please email or speak with Mrs. Jordaan (pa@hpcs.nsw.edu.au).

Safe driving on School Grounds.

We would like to remind and urge parents to please drive safely on the school grounds.

In the main parking lot, please drive slowly and use the circle route in a clockwise direction. Please do not cut across the parking spaces.

During kiss and drop, please be patient and allow safe exit and entry of students in and out of the car in front of you.

All of these measure are taken to ensure the safety of our students and their families.

Year 6 Canberra Camp.

Our Year 6’s were on an educational camp to Canberra this week.

They had a fantastic time visiting the Parliament House, Questacon, Australian Institute of Sport and many more attractions.

Thank you to Mr Britton, Mrs Auckett, Miss Testa and Mr Calverley for accompanying our students on this trip.

State Cross Country.

We are very blessed to have 16 students qualified for State Cross Country. They participated on Friday 31st of May.

Thank you to Mrs Schofield for attending with our students.

Exciting News from Kindergarten: Hatching Eggs Program.

Kindergarten students have been so excited to adventure with the ‘Hatching Eggs’ program this week! We’ve had the joy of watching 14 eggs hatch and warm up in the incubator. This hands-on experience is part of our Science Curriculum, where we are learning how to care for animals and understand their needs.

For two weeks, our classroom will be home to these adorable baby chicks, and we invite everyone to share in our excitement. If you’re interested in bringing a baby chick home, they are available for purchase at $10 each. Please send $10 to the office and see Mrs. Drayton on Thursday, June 6th.

Come and witness the wonder of new life in our classroom!

Mrs Gunamie and Mrs Stevens.

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Merit Awards this week:

Kindergarten – S
Mia G. for showing kindness and a christ-like attitude in class!
Lamees K. for outstanding effort in writing!
Elijah C. for showing consistent effort in all lessons!

Kindergarten – G
Raegan H. for her happy and enthusiastic attitude to all tasks. 
Miguel I. for being actively involved in all class activities. 
Bernice U. for excellent work in writing.

Year 1
Joao L. O. for wonderful fluency and understanding when reading.
Kathlyn S. for a fantastic forward roll.
Oscar B. for impressive knowledge and reasoning in Maths.

Year 2
Sarah R. B. for consistently demonstrating a great attitude towards all learning tasks.
Ava H. for recording excellent information about great white sharks.
Ulzii T. for his outstanding effort in Soundwaves.

Year 3
Erka. P. for his consistent approach to school work.
Oscar C. for his great effort in Soundwaves lessons.
Hannah G. for writing an engaging persuasive text.
Aubree C. for great participation in music lessons.

Year 4
Guilherme M. for his effort when doing Soundwaves.
Jackson E. for his sportsmanship when playing sport.
Aya K. for her critical thinking in English.
Isabella G. for her in-depth responses in Art.

Year 5
Dylan L. for thoughtful and insightful contributions in English.
Toakase M. for an excellent effort playing basketball during Sport.
Bryan S. for a fantastic effort in Maths.

Save the Dates: Upcoming Dates

03 June: Musical Rehearsals
07 June: Year 3 Chapel
10 June: King’s Birthday
14 June: Year 2 Chapel
17 June: Boys Soccer Gala Day
17 June: Girls Netball Gala Day
20 June: Known Waste Program
21 June: Year 1 Chapel
24 June: Musical Rehearsals
27 June: 100 Days of Kindergarten
28 June: KS Chapel
01 July: Musical Rehearsals
02 July: Parent /Teacher Interviews
03 July: Parent /Teacher Interviews
05 July: KG Chapel
05 July: End of Term 2